Brothers Services Maintenance Contract is a cost effective way of managing your maintenance visits on your fire alarm system, and gives you a definite peace of mind that your equipment will work when it is needed most – in the event of a fire.

Our comprehensive fire safety management service also includes high quality maintenance inspections of your fire detection and alarm systems. It is important to undertake periodic testing of your fire alarms and, apart from the obvious practical benefits to well-maintained systems, it is also a legal requirement to ensure your equipment functions as intended in the event that it is needed.

Fire safety in the work place | Governments legislation

5. Fire safety and equipment.

Detection and warning systems
You must have a fire-detection and warning system. You may need different types of detectors, depending on the type of building and work carried out in the building.

Fire fighting equipment
The types of equipment you need depend on your business premises. You’ll need to have any equipment properly installed, tested and maintained and train your staff to use them if necessary.

Maintenance and testing

You must carry out regular checks to make sure that:

all fire alarm systems are working
the emergency lighting is working
you record any faults in systems and equipment
all escape routes are clear and the floor is in a good state
all fire escapes can be opened easily
automatic fire doors close correctly
fire exit signs are in the right place