When a property is sparkling clean and well presented, its appeal rises dramatically. If you’re selling or want to let your property, Brothers Services Ltd will provide you with a comprehensive property cleaning service. We use effective but gentle, non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products. We bring with us all the cleaning appliances and materials needed to carry out the work. Brothers Services Ltd will provide you with a free on-the-spot quote or, on request, a free quote over the phone or via email. We can work with landlords, housing associations, private individuals, estate agents, solicitors and property-management companies. We can also provide other cleaning services.


Why should you use End-of-Tenancy cleaning?

It is in a landlord’s and salesman’s best interest to present their property in as good a condition as possible when selling/letting it again to future buyers/tenants. Throughout many years of experience in the property industry working with many agents in Dorset, Brothers offer reliable high quality services.

It’s more than just cleaning…

We go further than cleaning and offer our clients or agents more services to their properties. Small repairs, paintings, kitchen or toilet fixing, and removal that can help them let or sell their assets. Whenever we carry out a property cleaning service, we can also provide other cleaning services.

Other property cleaning services we offer: