Carpets play an important role in maintaining a healthier indoor environment. If carpets don’t get cleaned professionally using the correct technique on a regular basis, they can quickly become damaged, dirty and unhygienic.

Brothers Services Ltd has a vast experience in providing the one-off industrial carpet cleaning service and bringing them back to an acceptable condition from where they can be maintained.

Our procedure at first when we visit our client is to take a few measurements, such as: the size of the area, daily traffic to the premises, and the current condition of the carpet. With this information in hands, we can find the best cost effectiveness solution to expand the longevity of the carpet.

In most cases, we find that having a one-off deep carpet cleaning every quarter is the right solution and to some clients we will provide a carpet deep clean twice a year due to lower traffic volume.



Carpet Cleaning Feature

Whether your premise is a hotel or a large office block, we would like to assist you with a free survey visit to understand your requirements and tailor the right solution.

Key features in our commercial carpet cleaning services are:

  • Service can be provided after hours with minimum disturbance
  • We use environmentally friendly products
  • Carpet cleaning is covered nationwide
  • Spot deep cleaning is part of the one-off carpet cleaning programme
  • Staff is trained by the chemical supplier
  •  We can provide hygienic certificate